•Course description: This is a course for anyone interested in taking part in an amazing journey through the female writing of Chile. Lorena Garrido (PhD) will guide the reading of short stories written from 1920 to 2012, from a gender perspective.
•The course is designed as a ten-session workshop (with a maximum of ten participants). The interpretation of the stories will be done collectively, in an attempt to better understand the struggles of women writers during the last century.
•Contents: We will read some of the works of writers, such as María Luisa Bombal, Marta Brunet, Magdalena Petit, María Flora Yañez, Pía Barros, Isabel Allende and Andrea Maturana. The participants will be able to select two more writers.
•Where: Instituto Chileno Canadiense de Cultura Luis Thayer Ojeda 0191 – Of. 601 – Providencia
•Phone number: 22334-1090 / 22335-3277
•Email: contacto@canadiense.cl
•Sessions: Thursdays from 19 to 21 hrs.
•Starting date: June 2nd, 2016
•Fees: $180.000 plus material $ 10.000




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